Transitioning to Huron Grants v8.5 (403)


The Transitioning to Huron Grants v8.5 course is designed to help an institution's core Grants team transition from Huron Grants v8.4 to the new functionality in Huron Grants v8.5, specifically, new and improved settings, Funding Proposal usability and workspace enhancements, Complex Projects enhancements, Award and Award Modification enhancements, and tags.

  • Grants v8.5 Release Overview Introduction (2:03)
  • New and Improved Settings (9:57)
  • Funding Proposal Usability Improvements (20:08)
  • Funding Proposal Workspace Enhancements (7:08)
  • Creating a Funding Proposal (11:10)
  • Conditional Displays (1:18)
  • Context Help (:59)
  • Complex Projects Enhancements (4:28)
  • Award and Award Modification Enhancements (4:32)
  • Grants Tags (4:20)
  • Grants Tag Demo (2:03)
  • Additional Grants Enhancements (:36)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed